Parede. Sensing the wall, the whole wall, the white wall. Making the wall part of my inner map. Inscribed in me. Affected to me. I evade uneasiness, to fully embody my experience. The experience of performing a practice, that of rubbing the wall. Perhaps I can create a new space from which to read, to move, to write, to think, to engage. I am open to the unknown through the repetition of a practice. I need my body to be involved. The materiality of the wall becomes part of the practice that draws me into the space. A space where I desire to become open to the interference of what surrounds me. For me, this, in itself, is a practice that both disrupts and makes me present. But still, am I creating an absence; absenting myself from the wall. I question if my exercise casts a presence. I am scaling myself to the wall. It is in the size of my hand, multiplied by many. >>

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