Sites of Miscommunication: Practices of Re-inscription. This project centers around the Monument to Colonial Effort in Porto, aiming to develop an artistic research process focused on shaping a critical essay. My aim is to explore practices of research, experimentation and critic that stimulate the re-inscription of the monument to the Portuguese Colonial Effort (Located in the “Square of the Empire” in Porto, Portugal) in the space of the city and in public debate, considering the materiality of the object, the performativity of a critical process, as well as the history of its construction and allocation. The final result of the project is the writing and publication of an essay, but with the contribution of a series of practices, namely: historical research; co-habitation and creation of casts of the monument; a speculative workshop departing from the research and casts created. In this way, the project seeks to develop an exercise in decolonizing perspectives on the monument and its colonial past from a situated, participated and positive position. >>

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