Amstelpark, participating in Exploded View. The Amstelpark was created as part of the Floriade exhibition of 1972, a horticultural exhibition extending over 700.000 square meters. When the Floriade ended, part of the amenities and infrastructures of the exhibition were sold in an auction, and the remaining part originated the Amstelpark. Presently, 45 years since the exhibition, the Amstelpark works towards keeping the initial conceptualization of the park in place—respecting its shape during the floriade. This staging of a design idea over the period of 4 decades is provocative of new relations between a design and its context, due to the inevitable transformation of political, economic, social and cultural constructs over time, to Nature’s natural evolution, to how the park is and has been used and perceived. In this way, the idea behind this project is to trace the lives of one or two of the materials sold in the auction in 1972, learning about their lives beyond the context of the Floriade, to bring these “stories” to the context of the Amstelpark, researching new readings and perspectives. >>

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