Past Projects

Exploratory Practices

During the process of my PhD I developed a set of exploratory practices, which I frame as minor, situated practices to explore communicative exchanges. These exploratory practices draw on live methods and inventive methods and enabled me to work the concept of miscommunication by thinking about implications for practice. While I presented a theoretical study, my approach to methods was shaped by the fact that I think about implications for practice.

Exploratory practices were an important aspect to developing and working on the intuitions and ideas that brought me to propose the 3 gures of miscommunication and to explore propositions for working miscommunication through practice. By working in different communicative settings, in different situations and in an open-ended, exploratory way with no preconceived outcome in mind it became possible to follow intuitions, to both question and open new questions.

These were developed mostly during the initial phases of my PhD research, and took place at the Goldsmiths Library, later, briefly at the Anatolia People Centre in Stoke Newington, then at the Kolenkit in West Amsterdam, within the long term project of the collective Cascoland. These exploratory practices also took the form of workshops that I present here.

Exploratory Practice I: at Occupy Goldsmiths Library >>

Exploratory Practices II: at Anatolia People Centre in Stoke Newington, London >>

Exploratory Practice III: at Kolenkit, West Amsterdam >>

Lichtkrant, with Pedro Manuel

One day intervention at Kolenkit on Valentine’s day. With Pedro Manuel, artist in residence at Cascoland >>

Maputo Chairs

Maputo Chairs: Photographing chairs on the streets of Maputo. Above, Av. 24 de Julio, 2009. Waiting area for an outdoor hairdresser. >> 


ZONA# challenged students at the School of Visual Arts (ENAV) in Maputo to intervene in their environment. A first stage contemplated research and interviews on a designated area in downtown Maputo, to then design and implement ideas working from this material. ZONA# had two editions, in 2009 and 2010. Each edition included several projects on a diversity of aspects of city life.

ZONA#1. This project was developed during a 2 weeks period with students at ENAV, School of Visual Arts in Maputo. The focus was on downtown Maputo. The work developed had an impact on the area and initiated a debate around city, public space and social responsibility. We were invited to present and discuss our work at Mozambique’s National Radio and on television channel TVM. >>

ZONA#2. A year later, with the same group of students, we developed interventions in a different area of town, near Rua do Bagamoyo, also in downtown Maputo, during a one month period. >>

Tambo Tambulani Tambo

Creating a poster for Festival Tambo, a yearly event organised by Tambo Tambulani Tambo and taking place in Pemba, in the North of Mozambique. >>