During a stay at the Cascoland project in the Kolenkit neighbourhood, in West Amsterdam,  together with artist-in-residence, Pedro Manuel, we invited the neighbourhood to share a Valentine’s message by sending a text message that we would then project on the roof of Cascoland’s headquarters using a light box installed by artists Inge Roseboom and Mark Weemen. This, we thought, was a challenge but also a small provocation in a neighbourhood so private and where the neighbours lived a significant part of their social lives inside their home. 

Message installed on Cascoland’s roof calling for Kolenkit valentine’s messages: ‘You fill my heart with poems. Valentine’s message here, SMS 0685551425.’

We received one sms that we rushed to prepare and place on the roof…

An attempt and translating the valentine’s message: ‘ah little lamb, thirty-six senseless tones express a dreamer. Then also no sketch can capture you and as the reflection from reality contemplates you in my eyes, gracefully alive, you have my persevering love even in fragile dreams.’