Maputo Chairs

Placed along the sidewalks, in front of the richest bank building or smallest fruit stand, chairs are scattered around the city, and stand as symbols of Maputo’s repair culture, unfolding a variety of everyday stories.

Repaired time after time, chairs alter in form and materials, and represent landmarks to the passing of time in the city — marking a street, a façade, a shop — becoming memorable, chairs inevitably incorporate the immaterial culture of Maputo’s vibrant street life, while always personally connected with their maker.

I collected around 150 chairs and as the project developed initiated with their makers, repairers, and the many security guards using them. Images present a broad variety of materials, solutions and original designs, and originate from everyday practices and contexts.

Av. Eduardo Mondlane, 2010 / Bairro da Malhangalene, 2009
Av. 24 de Julho, 2009 / unknown
Same chair in 2009 and one year later in 2010. Bairro da Malhangalene.
Av. Eduardo Mondlane, 2010 / Av. Ho Chi Min, 2010
Praça 25 de Junho, 2010 / Rua do Bagamoyo, 2009
Av. Guerra Popular, 2009 / Av. Ahmed Sekou Toure, 2010