ZONA#1 Signaling Maputo Holes

We signalised holes by painting around them in bright colours. We stenciled  images related to information on the area around the holes. In this way we created the first way finding system for downtown Maputo. This was a very slow job as we kept finding more and more holes. I  this page you can find part of the work process and most of the holes signalised.

 Link to photos of the holes we found at the start of this workshop (opens another webpage)>>

Work Process
First we collected and mapped holes, to then develop the icons necessary to create a way finding system. We opted to use stencils to reproduce these around the holes. We tested several solutions and opted to first paint a bright coloured stripe around the hole and then to add the stencils.

Sketches / Creating first (of many!) stencils / Drawing / Cutting stencils
Painting first layer of white before adding colour
Painting base
Painting hole in front of a Café in Av. Samora Machel
Painting hole in front of Tunduro Gardens, Independence Square, Gil Vicente Jazz Café, Maputo’s Cathedral

Painted Holes

Independence Square
Gil Vicente Cinema and Bank on Av. Samora Machel
Creating a passage on the sidewalk between a garden and book vendor on Av. Samora Machel
Café and garage on Av. Samora Machel