ZONA#1 Garden Mural

Right at the heart of downtown Maputo, Independence square (Praça da Independência) is the house of the town hall,
the Cathedral, the Franco Mozambican Cultural Centre. It also houses a large empty that is dirty and abandoned. A dirty wall became a urinal, provoking a very bad smell. The challenge was how to change and/or call attention to this issue, trying to create a different kind of public space.

After many discussions and limited time and budget the decision was to paint the wall white, making it look clean, thinking it might stop people from urinating. Then, the decision was to represent nature, to create space to imagine a transformed space, an image that might lead to change.

We decided that it would be a truly collective work. After creating a few sketches and discussing how to work, we decided to go to the wall and each person would start drawing untill their drawings connected.

Images of the process and final mural follow below.

Creating sketches

Arriving at the wall

First coats of paint