ZONA#2 followed a similar set up to its previous edition: to develop projects in public space, based on a survey composed of research and interviews, this edition, in the area surrounding Rua do Bagamoyo in downtown Maputo.

Interviewing people for ZONA#2

Several projects were developed:

Way finding One of recurring comments in interviews was, despite the fact that the area housed several important administrative services, there was no help in finding these. These comments were not only from by passers, but also from people working in the area, and tired of continuous interruptions with people asking the way. We decided to create a sign system based on the patterns of the window grilles of the houses in the area. See project here >>

Ninavela Creating a mobile “cabin” to collect wishes for the neighbourhood and then making these public in attempt to stir up debate. See project here >>

Projecting Futures Making an intervention in a long abandoned house in Av. 25 de Setembro. The idea was to transform it and in this way open it to be appropriated for future use, occupying it for exhibitions, etc. See project here >>

ZONA#2 was developed with the support of