Research lab: On Levitation: Researching Qualities of Participation, 2015

Levitating a truck on the 3rd day of the workshop

Co-organised with Pedro Manuel and Inge Koks within the context of the summer academy We Live Here 2015. This was a three day event open to 2o makers from the field of theatre and performance and with invited guests: Arne Hendriks, Erik Hagoort, Eugene van Erven, Imanuel Schipper, Florian Malzacher, Edit Kaldor and the magician Ramana. The lab proposed a speculative exercise as key to researching participation, by working with the concept of ‘Levitation’

Each guest worked with participants during half a day on a series of questions or provocations to participation, then groups:

1. Engaged with the idea of levitation as a speculative exercise to disrupt/disassemble, diffuse, recast a participatory project;

2. Reassembled redesigned, invented a project working from
the concept of levitation and taking into consideration questions on participation worked during the first day of the workshop.

During a work session with Eugene van Erven and Erik Hagoort
Watching the magician Ramana Levitate objects

The program for the three days was as follows:

We wrote a text introducing the workshop: